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With your support you can help our student performers and be part of an amazing tradition at Camden Catholic High School- the spring musical which started in 1922.  There are many aspects to putting together such a tremendous musical and your support is critical to help fund costumes, staging, and technical pieces. The proceeds from this ad book and our sponsorship program help to keep this great tradition alive and thriving! 
There are two ways to purchase a sponsorship from CCHS:
Option 1: Buy and Submit Your Sponsorship On-Line Using a Credit Card:
Buying on-line is secure, quick and easy.  PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW:
 To start the secure on-line process simply click on the button below and a form will appear to allow you to submit your detailed sponsorship information. Once you complete the form you will be directed to our payment screen where you can pay for the sponsorship using Visa, Mastercard or Discover. 
Option 2: Download Form and Submit via Mail or CCHS Student:
If you would prefer not making a secure on-line purchase, you can simply download the sponsorship form - print it and mail your submission to CCHS with a check as directed on the form. You can also choose to give your completed form and payment to your favorite CCHS student. It is important to put the name of a student down if you are associated with one as they are eligible for prizes for their participation and sales.


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